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Everyday we learn more about the amazing capabilities of babies. When infants are sung to, rocked, cared for and cuddled, their brains are making countless connections that will help shape who they become. At Kinder Kare, we provide the special love and care an infant needs to make connections that will last a lifetime. 


Because the first year of life is full of rapid changes and unique challenges we maintain a low infant-to-caregiver ratio. Our infant caregivers are chosen not only because of their education and experience but also because they love babies. Caregivers form lasting bonds with each infant and interact naturally with each child in a warm and loving way. Babies are cared for based on their individual needs and demands. 


The babies in our care learn security and trust through comfort, cuddling and consistency. Our program certainly involves rocking, baby food, bottles, diaper changing and sleeping. But babies at Kinder Kare will also experience the sound of reading and singing and, as they grow, stimulating activities such as whipped cream finger painting, baby exercise, and activities designed specifically for each child's individual needs and capabilities. We provide a wonderful place for infants to take their first steps confidently into childhood. 

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