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Michigan Child Care Centers, Inc., Kinder Kare programs are based on developmentally appropriate practices and promote a climate of acceptance for all children. The program is structured to enhance children’s feelings of comfort, security, self-esteem and  development of positive relationships with adults and other children. The use of positive guidance techniques, enhance  children’s development of self-control, responsibility and respect for self, others and the environment. 


We provide a wide variety of activities and materials in which children explore their environment, creatively express themselves, develop skills at their own pace and interact with other children and adults. 


The daily routine/schedule is predictable, yet flexible, allowing children the opportunity to explore and learn in a meaningful way. Daily activities enhance learning through creative expression (art), dramatic play, discovery (science), math, music and creative movement, literature, language and motor development. Activities are balanced between free choice activities and group experiences that stimulate and challenge their young minds and bodies. Outdoor play opportunities allow children to climb, run, jump, swing, ride, dig, and explore nature. 


Michigan Child Care Centers, Inc., Kinder Kare programs value and respect all families. We recognize the family’s role as the first and most important teachers, and honor the right and responsibility of each    family to be active partners in their child’s education. Families are provided multiple opportunities for involvement in our programs, strengthening our relationship and enhancing the early childhood experience.


Based on the Creative Curriculum Model, we provide a warm, stimulating, and multi-sensory environment that promotes child   initiated activities and choices. Our classrooms allow the children to pursue their personal interests, explore and manipulate many aspects of their environment, solve problems and interact positively with other children and adults. The daily schedule  gives children a sense of control over the events of the day by providing a consistent routine that enables children to anticipate what happens next. 

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